One of the most talented and experienced musicians I know, Jim Heffernan, has created a fine recording here. The song selection has a variety and quality that few folks can accomplish, and Jim has invited a lot of his friends and fine musicians to raise the quality that much higher. The best thing about this recording, in my opinion, is Jim being Jim. As a musician, an arranger, a recording engineer, and a producer, everyone can find plenty to love about this set of songs. There are instrumental prowess and vocal highlights to satisfy everyone, and the feels and stylings go from serious to playful, from slower to faster, and Jim’s the centerpiece. Congratulations to my pal Jim, and great work everyone!” - Jim Hurst

JIimmy Heffernan

Jimmy Heffernan is a well respected, multi-instrumentalist, specializing in resonator guitar. Making his career in bluegrass and country music for over 45 years, he has performed and recorded with top names such as Joe Diffie, Brad Paisley, George Jones, Buck Owens, Larry Sparks, Red Allen, Charlie Louvin, Bill Anderson, Doug Kershaw, and many more. Jimmy started performing in the 70s playing concerts and festivals up and down the east coast, and playing on the stages of major venues like The Tonight Show and the Grand Ole Opry. 

These days, with the tour bus parked Jimmy focuses on teaching, and sharing his experience in the music industry through workshops and videos. He also recently spent some time in the studio recording a new solo album with some great friends in the music business. I'D TRADE IT ALL FOR A LITTLE MORE is available now worldwide.

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